C.A.R.E. Net

C.A.R.E. Net is just that — a net.

Envision a fishing net, woven together so that the fish cannot fall through it. Therefore it is understood this way:

The Net is four strands strong. It must be…


Being concerned for others is a benchmark of Christianity. When Jesus saw the needs of the people, He was moved with compassion. The word breaks down this way; com=with and passion=powerful or compelling emotion, i.e. love.



To have a ministry in name only accomplishes nothing. As a matter of fact, to form a ministry that is not accessible will only serve to disorient and confuse people rather than assist and build them up. There must be clear, non-negotiable means of connecting those with needs to ministry volunteers.



When people need assistance, they need it now. As needs are reported, even if they can’t be met (there will be some of those), there must be an immediate response. As the Net is formed, pathways of response must be established, complete with failsafe mechanisms firmly in place.



The fourth strand is essential to the Net. It is to encourage those who are 1) being ministered to and 2) the ministry team member. To perform this ministry requires a heart of compassion and caring. To perform this ministry begrudgingly simply will not do; it will only frustrate the minister as well as the individual being ministered to.

Never forget the gospel. We are to be equipped and then to encourage them in Christ, knowing that all things, including C.A.R.E. Net, are by Him…through Him…and for Him. He alone can equip the servant and sustain the heart of the person in need.

Contact: Bill & Linda Moody @ (731) 642-6092

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