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Dear TVCC Family,
As Pastor Steve mentioned in his Sunday message, you can find the materials for the Maundy Thursday Prayer Service outside the church offices.
There you will find:
  • Communion sets
  • A book called The Case for Easter
  • Our regular postage paid giving envelopes
  • Orange bags
  • Hand sanitizer station
We are asking for you to swing by the church when you are out on your necessary grocery, pharmacy, caregiving run. Remember to practice social distancing if others are there. Please pick-up what you need for your household unless you plan take these Easter supplies to someone who is quarantined.
You can sanitize before you collect, and then use the orange bag to get what you need. You are welcome to get books and communion for those you want to invite to watch the live, “online” Maundy Thursday Prayer Gathering at 7:00 p.m.
There are three levels of involvement:
1. Simply gather with your family at home and watch and pray with us.
2. Use the link above to send in your prayer needs. (We won’t read names, but each request will be prayed for)
3. Join us in Communion.
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